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28 DECEMBER 1964

28 DECEMBER 1964


The ceremony of Installation of W.Bro. A. CANDREA as W.M. of Lodge HAHSAHAR N32 took place. The date for this ceremony had been advanced in honor of Dr. SCHALSCHA's visit.

For the S.G.C., this was his first contact with Symbolic Freemasonry in Israel. He sat in the East, together with the Dignitaries of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel.

The white table that followed this installation ceremony for W.Bro. CANDREA was very much appreciated and Ill. Bro. SCHALSCHA was one of the most-applauded speakers.

By the fraternal spirit that prevailed and its dynamics, this evening marks the first link in the chain that was to lead to the Supreme Council for Israel.


31 DECEMBER 1964


ILL. Bro. GRASSIANI organized a Masonic meeting in JERUSALEM to honor Dr. SCHALSCHA. Mrs. Rika GOLDIN, Dr. GOLDIN's wife, was the travel companion for Miss Irene SCHALSCHA.

About 9 in the morning, Bro. GOLDIN and Bro. CANDREA came to see me in my office.

"Roger," they said, "We have just received from Papa GRAS-SIANI in Jerusalem instructions to organize this evening a New Year party in honor of our guests. What do you propose?"

I immediately phoned several places where New Year parties were held. Hotels and nightclubs were sold out. Certainly, it was too late to reserve places for several couples a few hours before the New Year. I phoned Bro. Jacques BENATAR at his printing shop.

While promising his help, he could offer no assurances of success, in view of the little time left. To try my luck, I called Bro. Alfred SAMOURY, of my Lodge, who lived in a very large apartment in Jaffa. I asked for his priceless cooperation in organizing a New Year party at his home. He accepted on the spot, stating he felt honored to be asked. We were saved.

Immediately, we split among us, Brethren GOLDIN, CANDREA, BENATAR and myself, the organization of the party. The year 1964 vanished sweetly, in the presence of well-supplied tables, singing and dancing. The year 1965 was born with kisses, joy and the

hope for the prompt realization of our Masonic objective, that is, the Consecration of the SUPREME COUNCIL for the STATE OF ISRAEL. Our toasts were washed down with numerous bottles of choice champagne.


2 JANUARY 1965


W. Bro. GOLDIN and Bro. Lupo FALLIK, of Lodge HASHAHAR N32, were the organizers of a trip to Mount Carmel, where we visited one of our prominent Druse Brethren, by profession a Judge, Sheik ABU RAKUN LABIB of Isfiya.

The number of Brethren and their families taking part in this journey allowed rental of a bus. Among our guests, apart from Dr. SCHALSCHA and his daughter IRENE, was the Grand Master, Joseph LAMM. The return trip was arranged and paid for by Bro. J.

BENATAR and myself.

W.Bro. Sheik ABU RAKUN LABIB had arranged for us a wonderful reception, followed by a bounteous banquet. Many pictures were taken of this event, despite a fresh wind that caressed the Carmel Mountain (photographs enclosed). AlI the Druse notables of

the region were introduced to us and a pleasant atmosphere was created between the Druse population and the visitors. I was appointed Master of the Table.

M.W. Bro. LAMM opened with his speech, which was translated into Arabic by Bro. SAMOURY. Then, ILL. Bro. GRASSIANI spoke of the fraternity and friendship that unite the different communities in Israel. He also thanked Bro. ABU RAKUN LABIB for his magnificent reception.

W.Bro. ABU RAKUN LABIB praised the cooperation between the Druse and Jewish communities. His house was honored by having his children serve in Israel's armed forces. He expressed his wish for Dr. SCHALSCHA to act among Brethren of his high rank in order to confirm this cooperation and protect it through world Freemasonry.


S. G. C. SCHALSCHA started by remarking that the orators who had preceded him practiced his same profession, that is, Judge, and this title established a common bond between them. He was astounded by all he had seen in Israel, and also by the peace and understanding existing between the different communities. He was determined to do everything in his power to help and protect this understanding. He requested his daughter Irene, who was a teacher in a German school, to tell and write to her students about all that they had been happy to observe since their arrival in Israel, and to teach these truths about Israel. Finally, he praised the high level of Israel Freemasonry.


4 JANUARY 1965


The High Degrees of the Scottish Rite were founded in Israel under the auspices of the Supreme Council of Germany, at the Masonic Temple in Tel-Aviv.

Two Lodges of Perfection were consecrated. The first, Lodge of Perfection TEL AVIV, worked in German, while the other was Lodge of Perfection DAN, working in Hebrew.

Bro. J. BENATAR and I received the 42 in Lodge of Perfection DAN, at the request of Dr. SCHALSCHA and supported by ILL. Bro. GRASSIANI.

The same day, M.W.G.M. J. LAMM and R.W.Bro. Abraham Fellman received the 32 degree.


6 JANUARY 1965


Departure from Israel of Dr. SCHALSCHA and IRENE SCHALSCHA, via EL AL National Airlines. In the waiting room, before the departure, we held a very interesting conversation about Freemasonry in general and Israeli Freemasonry in particular.

I told Dr. SCHALSCHA about the pangs of conscience of those Brethren who had refused to greet him as a German citizen. I recalled the great success he had achieved with all Brethren, without exception who, after meeting and getting to know him, had repented of their hasty judgment and had rushed to get from him the 4 degree. I had seen the tears of sentiment in their eyes.


18 AUGUST 1965


Lodges of Perfection "HAIFA", "GALIL" and "VERITAS" were consecrated.

I had the honor of being called upon by Ill. Bro. GRASSIANI to cooperate in the arrangement of the flight to Israel and reception here of the Lieutenant Sovereign Grand Commander of Germany, Dr. Emile SELTER and his wife. Dr. SELTER was coming to consecrate ROSE-CROIX CHAPTER SHALOM.


8 JANUARY 1966


Coming in from Frankfurt, our distinguished visitors landed at Ben Gurion Airport at 19:25. The welcome committee comprised Ill. Bro. GRASSIANI, Dr. Yona RON, A. FELLMAN and myself. Mme. SELTER was greeted with a bouquet of flowers, courtesy of EL AL.

We lodged out guests at the Hotel Samuel, in Tel-Aviv. There, ILL. Bro. GRASSIANI requested me to act as interpreter, saluting Dr. SELTER in German, in the name of the Thrice-potent Master and Brethren of Lodge of Perfection VERITAS.


During their sojourn, twice I had occasion to place my car at the disposal of our illustrious guests, and share my modest touristical knowledge of Israel.


The consecration of ROSE-CROIX CHAPTER SHALOM took place on January 11 at the Masonic Temple of Tel-Aviv. I had the honor of receiving the 18 myself, in recognition of my services to the cause of the Supreme Council of Israel.


12 JANUARY 1966


Dr. Sando GOLDIN and Bro. A. CANDREA, as well as another Brethren, received the 30 degree.

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